Rajeev Menon

Rajeev had associated with me in developing a multi branded cloud kitchen with 3 unique brands operating from the same outlet. He has been involved in developing the food concept, creating recipes through extensive R&D and costing each and every item on the menu. He setup the central kitchen and has implemented a process driven approach which ensures consistency of products without over relying on manpower. Rajeev also assists the brand in setting up Franchisees .


Rajeev Menon is an expert in his field. He got solid knowledge on various cuisines, as a food coach he helps people on understanding different cuisines and implementing it in customized fashion, and as per the expectation. He understand the requirement and without any compromise on principles what the organization believe in, accordingly he advise the cuisines. He is passionate about food and the way we provide it. He trains people on service and production. His expertise helping us to move forward to achieve delight in what we provide. Many thanks and best wishes to Rajeev Menon!

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Chef Rajeev has closely worked with us for development of base gravies for our upcoming Franchise by using latest state of art German Machinery and blast chilling of food to ensure high quality and consistency in food across our outlets . He has also assisted us in developing a concept which uses minimum manpower and maximum automation.

Wishing Rajeev all the best.