5 thoughts on “Chef Rajeev Menon answers questions on taking up Culinary Career and growth prospects for young chefs…”

  1. At the age of 58 I retired from the hotel where I worked.. Now a days it is very difficult to get a job in kerala.. no other income.. Ijust wondered how this profession atractive..

  2. Chef .. I got an honor to work under you during my internship in crownplaza kochin..
    Then you ware exe chef and then Director of F n b

    I am a Graduate in 4 year BHM and CT

    I prefer to go abroad for masters but i couldnt find any courses for culinary masters in UK..
    Can you suggest me any colleges if you are aware or els a course which i can go for

  3. My Q n A question is,
    Many staff at positions from a senior cdp to sous chef in many high-end hotels and restaurants, especially in India, are not aware of the food coast, menu engineering, staff planning, inventory, how to fix inventory variance and so more. We are always busy with banquet functions and ala carte orders. No one takes the time to study it, and no one takes the initiative to teach it. Do we need to change this style? Should we need to find time to teach such skills and not just focus only food and kitchen cleanliness. what is your opinion Chef?


    1. Dear Libin,

      Thank you so much for asking such a great question.
      I do not think this scenario is unique to India. This can only change when chefs at the level of Cdp/ Sous Chef are made accountable for the profitability of their respective sections. So that they are not just cooking food but also takes ownership for the business as well. This will greatly help the businesses as each of one of them will start thinking like an owner and look at the bigger picture. I know many managers and chefs who take pride in coaching and mentoring young team members however the onus should be on the employee to take initiative in learning these skills.
      “Your development is your responsibility”

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